Welcome to

the Auberge d'hélène

A youth hostel in the Centre of Grenoble

Our history

In order to diversify our clientele, the Auberge d'hélène was created within the hotel Trianon in September 2014.

We have created a concept never seen on Grenoble, a hotel that offers rooms to share for small prices!!!

"And there is nothing more beautiful than the moment before the journey, the moment when the horizon of tomorrow comes to visit us and tell us its promises. »

Citation Kundera-Street Art Festival (June 2016)


Rules of procedure for shared rooms

The Auberge d'hélène is meant to be a place of meeting and sharing. All our guests are invited to adopt an attitude of openness and respect towards the other people present in the hostel. Your stay is all the more enjoyable as you will make it pleasant to the other guests of the Inn


  • Non-mixed room

  • two or three single beds (180 x 90)

  • a screen between each bed

  • a private bathroom (shower or bathtub) + WC

  • shampoo dispenser

You will have access from 6pm to 9pm, to a fully equipped kitchen (crockery, microwave, oven…), to make a simple meal in the evening (no large kitchen whose perfume could Embalmer the reception of our establishment)

A fridge with compartments is at your disposal to store perishable foodstuffs. Please indicate your names and room numbers on the compartment you are using. The welcome can provide you with foil and Scotch for this. Any compartment without indication will be emptied and its contents discarded during night cleaning.

Please respect these schedules and do not hesitate to ask for our help.


  • By prudence, we do not welcome minors in a shared room

  • Pets are not allowed in a shared room

  • It is forbidden to smoke in all the premises of the hostel, including of course in the rooms. The courtyard is at your disposal to smoke if you wish.

  • It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the operation of smoke detectors.

  • Alcohol and drugs are forbidden on the premises of the Inn.

  • It is strictly forbidden to have persons who are not duly registered in the hostel's premises enter.

Any person who does not comply with this regulation will be immediately expelled and will not be refunded.

Be sure not to forget anything when you leave us: any personal objects forgotten in the hostel's premises will only be forwarded to you if you ask us, but at your expense.



     Shared room (male or female) . . . . . . . Between €28 and €30





Services offered by the Trianon Hôtel Grenoble Centre

Low prices with so many services

Find all the services offered by L'Auberge d'hélène, Auberge de jeunesse

in the heart of the Trianon Hotel Grenoble Centre, close to the train station.

You'll need:

  • Whether you reserve a taxi or a restaurant

  • Information about the city, events, public transport or a map of the city, on the ballads in the vicinity.

  • A pillow, blanket or extra towel.

  • An iron, a hairdryer.

  • A kettle.

Do not hesitate to ask us!

Our rooms are ' non-smoking ', any breach of this commitment will be punished with an extra charge of €30.

Little hunger/thirst?

 Espresso . . . . . . . €1.20
 Tea or Grand Café . . . . . . . €2.50
 Pressed Orange . . . . . . . €2.50
 Cannettes (33 cl):
Coca Cola, OASIS, ice tea, 1664, Heineken (according to our stocks)
. . . . . . . €2.50
 Flat or gaseous water (1L) . . . . . . . €3.00
 Champagne (1L)
(reservation only)
. . . . . . . €45
 Soup (according to our stocks) . . . . . . . €5
 Natural yoghurt/fruit . . . . . . . €1.50
 Fruit/fruit salad . . . . . . . €2.50
 Cheese platter . . . . . . . €5
 2 fried eggs . . . . . . . €5
 2 fried eggs + ham . . . . . . . €7

Contact us

The Auberge d'hélène, the youth hostel Centre of Grenoble

answers your questions, and offers you the best rates guaranteed







3 Rue Pierre Arthaud
38000 Grenoble

Our team is available 24/7


Find us!

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Access by car:

From Lyon by A48: take GRENOBLE – BASTILLE
From Chambery by A41: take GRENOBLE – CENTRE

Access on foot:

From Grenoble train station (~ 15 min): take Avenue Alsace Lorraine, turn right onto cours Jean Jaurès, turn left onto rue des Bains.

Rue Pierre Arthaud (rue de l'hôtel) is located in the extension of Rue des Bains.

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 45.18507679695709
Longitude: 5.721098184585571

Tram access:

Tram E: stop 'Condorcet' 5 min
Tram C: stop "Foch-Ferrié" at 7 min
Tram A/B: stop "Alsace-Lorraine" at 8 min

Bus access:

Line C1: stop "Victor Hugo" at 7 min
Line C3: stop "Championnet" at 2 min